Current Lecture / Workshop Offerings

Current Lecture / Workshop Offerings

Below are details of the lectures and workshops I currently offer. I can always create something unique for your guild or group; all you have to do is ask!

I am always defining new workshops, so please refer to my website for the latest information on my offerings.  Please contact me directly for availability, pricing and scheduling.

  • Lecture & Trunk Show Pigment Patchwork – How Did I get here? 60 minutes (may take longer depending on the pieces I bring to show). This presentation for guilds and small groups is an introduction to Rhonda Denney, my background, and my adventures into quilting and how I developed my unique approach to adding pigments to my fiber art.
  • Coloring on Fabric workshop – (3- hour workshop. This workshop provides an introduction to the use of various pigments on fabric.  Attendees will use patterns provided by Rhonda, as well as a variety of different supplied pigments to explore how they can be used on fabric. All skill levels. NOTE: Not available using Zoom, but we can design something like this if you want.
  • Pigment Patchwork workshop – (can be designed as a 1, 2 or 3 full-day workshop). Discover and explore the artist in you! This workshop provides an introduction to my Pigment Patchwork technique as well as a project-based application of those techniques. Depending on the length of the workshop, attendees can use either one of my patterns or their own photograph for inspiration for the small project they create during this workshop. Emphasis is on the creation of the art piece “top” using various pigment techniques. Longer workshops may include stitching on their piece. All skill levels.
  • Fabric Collage/Confetti workshop – (can be designed as a 1, 2 or 3 full-day workshop). Find out ways to play with fabric, cutting and layering to create your design. This workshop provides an introduction to using various sizes and types of fabrics in your design. Attendees can use their own photograph for inspiration or use one of my designs for the small project they create during this workshop. Longer workshops may include stitching on their piece. All skill levels.
  • Stitching for Dimension workshop – (can be designed as a ½ day or full-day workshop). Gain experience with free-motion stitching on your sewing machine to add dimension to your design. This workshop provides an introduction to using various free-motion stitching techniques to create texture and dimension in your fiber art design. Attendees will use a printed panel of one of my designs to practice on during this workshop. All skill levels but it really helps if attendees have knowledge of their sewing machine and have done some free-motion work, even if they are a beginner.
  • Independent Study – (can be designed to meet your needs, either at my quilt studio or virtual on-line sessions). You will work on projects you bring to the class and I will work with you on what you want or need to learn. This is for people who want to improve their knowledge of Rhonda’s Pigment Patchwork techniques. I will contact each person to discuss what they will be working on so I can be prepared to help during class. Each student works on their own project. You get individual attention from me when you need it or want feedback.  These sessions are not “how to”, but I can demonstrate aspects based on your needs. Everyone can participate in demos, if interested, allowing even more learning opportunities. Contact me for details.

Other Related Compensation (for Live In-Person Lectures / Workshops):

Transportation.   Round-trip mileage (using standard IRS mileage rates) or airline flights from Kansas may be required based on the location where you want me to teach in person. I prefer either United Airlines (or their Airline Partners) or Air Alaska (or their Airline Partners). Flights   will be at best rates, plus baggage fees and parking fees.  I prefer direct flights to be sure that the checked bags of fiber art pieces arrive safely.  Actual quilts are better to be shown, so I will require checking at least one bag.  I can combine guild or group visits when traveling to save transportation costs.

If I fly to the venue, then I expect to have a Guild representative there to meet my flight, provide transportation to and from the venue and my lodgings, as well as take me to the airport to catch my flight home.

Lodging. I prefer to stay in a hotel when I travel to present or teach.  The hotel room should not have any doors that open to the exterior.  Please contact me to discuss.

Meals. I do have some strict dietary requirements and therefore prefer to provide my own food during my business trips.  I expect to receive compensation for meals, based on the current published government per diem rate, during the time I am travelling, presenting or teaching.

Thank you for considering me for your guild, group or shop presentations!