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Mastery Coaching by Rhonda

Hello! It looks like you are interested in continuing your own creative journey using pigments to color on fabric by utilizing coaching or mentoring by Rhonda. These are one-on-one sessions.. Since we  use Zoom, you can live anywhere throughout the world as long as you have a computer with the Zoom client installed and an internet connection. 

I want to provide you with more details before you decide if this path is appropriate to your learning journey.

I look at coaching or mentoring to be a short-term, focused opportunity to address a specific project, or issues that someone is having using pigments to color on fabric. I recommend that you have some experience using pigments, perhaps by taking one of my related workshops or you have purchased & completed the exercises in my book “PIgment Patchwork: Artful Techniques for Fabric Embellishment”. I want to make the best use of both our time.

I normally limit coaching calls to an hour each session. That forces one to really identify what the need(s) are and define a plan. That discipline helps the learning process. Many coaching calls are scheduled on a weekly basis (or whatever time period you want and our schedules will support). If a situation or project dictates it, we can meet more often based on schedules.  

I charge USD$16/hr for personal coaching.The timeframe for this coaching is flexible – you decide if I am helping and you are getting your money’s worth, and want to continue. I must be paid in advance (you will use my PayPal.me account to create a payment credit line (say in increments of 2 or 4 hrs at a time, to start). If you decide to stop, I will refund you whatever funds are unused. That is set up and funded before we start the actual mentoring process.


To start, we will have a free 30-minute Zoom call, scheduled once you decide you want to use my coaching services. There is a lot to do during this 30-minute call, so this will start getting you organized and help you clearly identify your needs.

During this call you will show me examples of what you have done so I can see where you are in your creative journey. For this to work best for you, you need to have some clear goals identified for where you want to go from here. Prepare for our initial free call by also identifying what you want to do first (a particular pigment & fabric, a specific project, etc.) once we agree to proceed. I may also have suggestions, and we can formulate some plans.

Time usually flies by and we will want to be sure both our time is well used. 

If you are still interested in pursuing this, please click on the button below. You will complete a form providing more information about you and your goals. Then you will be able to schedule a free 30 minute call with me to discuss your needs and determine what mentoring schedule will work best for you. (Note: the calendar function usually only looks out 5 days or so. If there is nothing that works for you, please contact me directly after you complete the form and we can determine a day/time to meet.) Thank you!

Rhonda Denney
(719) 429-2115 (cell)