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Here you can purchase my books and product items made
using images of my work. Product items include:

- Signed, Limited-edition, numbered Giclées (fine art pigment prints) - SML
- Fabric Panels (Fat Quarter (FQ) size)
- Artist Postcards (2 images on a postcard)
- Blank Notecards, including custom-ordered sets
- Thin Magnets of various sizes & shapes
- Stickers of various sizes & shapes, sticker sheets
- Acrylic Pins of various size & shapes
- Coasters
- Other misc. Items - limited or unusual items

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Organization of this Page:

There are 2 categories, with subcategories where appropriate

1. General subject categories.

Available items are in categories, with an image illustrating it. Click on the image to see the available items, organized alphabetically by Artwork/Item title. For example, click on the image for the category “Product – Books” to see all of Rhonda’s books available for sale. Click on the “Product – FQ Printed Panels” to see all the available FQs organized alphabetically by artwork title.

– Books
– Stickers
– Magnets
– Giclées (fine art pigment prints) – SML
– Printed FQ Fabric Panels
– Artist Postcards
– Blank Note Cards & custom-designed sets
– Acrylic Pins
– Other Available Items

2. Rhonda’s Artworks category. Titles listed (sorted alphabetically) with related products located inside. Click on an Artwork image to see its details and any related products you can buy.

Available product items are listed using my artwork titles. Click on the artwork image to see the product items available for purchase. For example, click on the image for “Ashaka B&B – elephant” to see all of the product items related to that artwork (stickers, magnets, FQ panels, notecards, etc.). Note: If my original artwork is available for sale, it will also be listed here so it can be purchased.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact me with your questions.

Rhonda’s Book ‘Pigment Patchwork: Artful Techniques for Fabric Embellishment. Purchasing Rhonda’s books directly from her website will ensure that you get a signed copy of a book. In addition, you can get it personalized. When you finalize your order, you will be able to provide Rhonda with the name and the text you would like to use. Or, provide the name and Rhonda will add a note of her own creation!

In addition, with your book order Rhonda will add a few other items as a thank you.

Product Items organized by my Artwork (alphabetically)

A Little Bit of Sunshine-Sunflowers - IMG_2098 -18x - 72dpi - 600px

A bit of Sunshine (Sunflower)

Above & Beyond

Ashaka B&W (Elephant)

Aspen Grove

Bachus' Elixir (YTT - Grapes)

Barnyard Buddies

Bear Paws

Between the Lines (Zebra App)

Bighorn Sheep

Bulldog - The Eyes Have It


Chameleon - The Eyes Have It

Cheetah - The Eyes Have It

Clue - Mrs. Peacock



eagle - the eyes have it

eagle - uS flag - cR

early autumn morning - Abbey Winery


fall tree

Fireflies at Night - kitties delight

Golden Moments

Golden violaceous beauty (fish)

hans my hedgehog

happy cat graffiti

henry the goat

hope after maelstrom - YTT - Wildfire

how sweet it is, with buzzing bees

kitten - the eyes have it

lunchtime secrets

mother teresa - Let Us Begin

nature's delight

nature's elements triptych

neighborhood watch

passing on a tradition

pride the lion king

rainbow lorikeets

rub a dub dub

selfie - ashley & dr. pecker

slice of italy - murano waterway

so kids can be kids

spindle, shuttle & needle

summer night skies


sunrise at cap rock

sunrise mountains


The Eyez Have it (Zebra Pos)

the magical flute

young entrepreneur - boy w/ water

wagon ho - pieces of the past

waiting for re-opening

waterhole camouflage

western heritage - YTT

winter early morning light (rabbit)

wolf - the eyes have it

Zebra - the eyes have it

zebra - study in sepia