Artist Statement:  Wonderful memories of the past captured in an old family photograph. Inspiration strikes on a hot summer day! What better use for an old metal water trough along a country road alongside the river.

An old, over-exposed and poorly developed B&W family photograph taken in the summer of1959 inspired this fiber art piece. My family was on a road trip in Colorado and took the opportunity to cool off in a riverside watering trough. My little sister is eating a Slo-Poke or a Brown Cow caramel sucker (remember those?).

I am not sure why we don’t look any happier. Perhaps it was because we would have rather been in the water than posing for a photograph!

Construction: Pigment Patchwork technique (a combination of pigments, fabric and stitching); Raw-edge appliqué using commercial and hand-painted fabric; polyester and monofilament thread; Cotton and Polyester batting; pigment and inks.


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