Coloring on Fabric Special 2-Hr Event

with Rhonda Denney

Prairie Museum of Art & History, 1905 S. Franklin Ave, Colby, KS 67701

Saturday, July 6, 2024 @ 2pm -4pm – For only $15

You can register & pay at the event or click the button below 👇

Rhonda Denney - Coloring on Fabric Special 2-Hr Event

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to color on fabrics using pigments? Even if you have tried one or two types of pigment, there are so many pigments available to purchase today. It is hard to know which kind to use!

Wouldn’t it be nice to try some pigments before you decide to buy them? Then this is the workshop for you!

In this special 2-hour event, you will try your hand at coloring on fabric using a wide variety of pigments. Rhonda will bring many hand-held pigments, including various grades (Student- and Artist-grade) for you to try. She will also talk about different techniques to apply the pigments to get different results. Essentially, a “try before you buy” opportunity!

You will need to bring paper and pencil/pen to write notes and an old shirt to wear. The $15 registration fee gives you a pattern of your choice on a piece of fabric and access to a variety of pigments, allowing you to get started quickly so you can focus on experimenting and exploring with the pigments.

Let your inner child come out and play! Who knows! You may find some pigments that you fall in love with and can use in your future creative projects.

Rhonda Denney - Coloring on Fabric Special 2-Hr Event
Rhonda Denney - Coloring on Fabric Special 2-Hr Event

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