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Rhonda Denney’s New Offering – 8-wk “Get Pigment Confident” (GPC) Challenge 


My next 8-wk GPC Challenge group starts on Saturday, January 22, 2022.  If you want to join us for a wonderful adventure, please fill out this Application. 


I am so excited about the flexibility and power of using 3 different components to offer this unique training to everyone interested in learning to color on fabric using pigments.  I am now working with my second group and am feeling very excited about the potential! 

This training offers individual training using my web-based App, Pigment-Patchwork.  With it, participants access the training on their own schedule, any time. There is also an Accountability Group where participants can, on their own schedule, post pictures of their progress, ask questions, participate in discussions and communicate with others in their Challenge group.  Then, during the 8-wk Challenge, we have weekly face-to-face sessions where we talk, share wins and discuss challenges.  This is the only component that requires a specific schedule.   

After the 8-wk Challenge participants can continue their Pigment Patchwork journey with the support of the Community Group, a subscription plan.  With the Challenge as the base, community members learn more about using other pigments on fabric, participate in projects using pigments, and can ask project-specific questions of Rhonda. Rhonda is also available for one-on-one coaching. 

If you are interested in participating in one of my scheduled 8-wk “Get Pigment Confident” Challenges, start the process by filling out an Application. If I feel you are a good match for the program, you will then be able to book a call with me to talk more about your specific goals.  I look forward to talking with you!

Selected Feedback from Rhonda Denney “Get Pigment Confident” (GPC) Challenges:




“… With very little confidence, I decided to sign up for Rhonda’s … Pigment Patchwork Challenge. Rhonda is an excellent teacher.  She guides you with easy-to-follow instructions and encourages you to just get in there and do it.  Her … Challenge was just what I needed ….yes, I can do this.  … a great course for anyone who wants to try something new.”  Deane H. Kansas (2020 Founding Group Member)


I was thrilled to be a part of the initial group …  Rhonda is a true Professional. She sent us guidelines, patterns and many many amazing videos to lead us … She encouraged an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendliness. We were able to work on our own, and to share our progress … with other members … Being part of a group inspired me. … Very Empowering.  I look forward to participating in her challenges, workshops and being a part of the group in the Pigment Patchwork community.”  Robin H.  Florida (2020 Founding Group Member)


I’m obsessed. I started the course without knowing what “pigments” were and little drawing experience. Little did I know the inspiration and satisfaction I would get from Rhonda and her technique! I found I might actually have a talent for drawing, which gave me so much joy. Now the possibilities are endless. 

Thank you Rhonda! You were a great teacher!”  Terry F.  Colorado (2020 Founding Group Member)


This pigment challenge is not just adult coloring.  You get small group support and are able to discuss with the teacher about your own personal experiences and questions. It has lessons that are pre-recorded followed up with live meetings for feedback and questions. What better than to learn and share along with a few other like-minded people. The groups are kept small to allow for no one to be left out or fall through the cracks. Put in an hour or put in 5 – the schedule is yours. I recommend this program for any fabric artists to expand their horizons and join a community of people like you!” Aimee Z.  New Hampshire (2020 Founding Member)







Global Quilt Connection (GQC) 2021 Oct 2nd and 3rd, All-Star Sampler Platter 


This was such fun!  I was one of the guest demonstrators for the October Sampler Session. I presented during the Oct 3, 2021 session, 3-6pm EST. My presentation was called “You’re using WHAT to color on Fabric!?!”  Ask me what “pigment I was actually using!


To celebrate this, I am making my 2 Butterflies pattern available for free to those who want to get a taste of coloring on fabric using pigments. Get the pattern here.  After you download the file, print this pattern and transfer the lines to your fabric. Enjoy!! Rhonda 




August 2021


How time flies! COVID 19 & the Delta Variant have made this past year a bit challenging, but we hunkered down (not a whole lot different than when we lived off-grid remotely in Colorado!).   We are still being careful, but I have continued teaching using great technology platforms (Zoom for the most part) and even taught some workshops locally (at the Prairie PastTimes gallery in Cottonwood Falls) and in my studio.  I will be teaching and presenting in-person at guilds and groups starting this month.  It is nice that I now have several different options: In-person, Remotely using the Zoom platform, and now my new teaching/coaching platform combo using three different support environments.  I am so excited about that.

We are down to 5 horses now, having lost our 34-year old mare Sunshine this past  January.  We also lost our two dogs, Moxie and Mason this past year, both to old age and disease.  We are so glad we had many great years with them.  We decided to rescue a 16-year old dog, Kiro, whose owner had been battling cancer and had to enter Hospice; he was so grateful that she had a forever home to go to.  Kiro has severe medical issues, helped with medication, but we wanted to make her final years as comfortable as we can.  She is doing very well and the cats and her are finally figuring out how to co-habitate.   

All of my planned travel trips have been rescheduled to 2022.  

I am staying very busy developing my new “Get Pigment Confident” (GPC) Challenge training.  It has really come together!  I am now working with my second group and am feeling very excited about the potential! 



August 2020


Ray and I and all our “critters” are settling in to living in Emporia, Kansas.  This has been an interesting year!  Yes, we moved to Emporia this time last year (2019)!  Time flies!  We moved everyone to Emporia including our six horses (Sunshine, Tonopah, Lefty, Rebel, Marty and Dodger), two goats (Henry and Murry), three cats (ScoobyDo, Tiger and Sammy), and two dogs (Moxie and Mason).  Then, once we got everyone settled, I left for a 5-week trip to Europe (Hungary, Poland and Ukraine), a combination vacation and teaching experience.  It was wonderful! A nice way to end 2019.

The house/barn/loafing shed setup that Ray designed is wonderful!  We can walk out the door to the garage and into the hay barn and out the door to the loafing shed area without going outside in the weather!  The goats love it here because they are now hanging out full-time with the horses.  In Colorado we  had their Club House up by our house to keep an eye on them because of coyotes, mountain lion and bears.  Here in Emporia we have not had any issues despite hearing the occasional howling of coyotes.

And my studio!  I have almost all of the downstairs with a walkout entrance that is dedicated to my studio.  Lots of room for all my work tables, sewing machines, sewing supplies and pigment supplies.  I have room to teach and look forward to that.

In February 2020 I took another vacation tour trip to Finland. I was lucky enough to return home just before the travel restrictions were imposed. Then COVID19 struck!  Needless to say, COVID19 has disrupted many things.  Travel and teaching have been curtailed.  I am now exploring virtual Live teaching.  It opens up many possibilities for me.  I actually have done several remote teaching sessions, in late 2019 and early 2020.  With the Zoom platform capabilities I hope to offer lectures and workshops that are of the same calibar as live in-person.  Technology is a wonderful thing!

Keep an eye out for announcements regarding scheduled virtual live teaching workshops.  I plan to make some changes to my website over the next several months as well so stay tuned!



Rhonda Denney – Lectures and Workshops


I use a combination of fabric, pigments and thread, a technique I call “Pigment Patchwork”, to create my award-winning fiber art.  I have taught throughout the United States as well as internationally in Kenya, Poland and the Ukraine. And actually, using the power of technology, I have presented throughout the world!

I am happy to work with your guild or group or shop to customize or design a lecture or workshop to meet your needs. Please email me (see above) for more information or for scheduling.

Most of my lectures and workshops are now available for both live in-person or using Zoom group meetings (private and secure).  My goal is to make my virtual workshop experience as close as possible to an in-house in-person workshop.

My Zoom group workshops may include the following:

  • Live lectures and demos
  • Pre-recorded video demos via a private online classroom where students can ask questions, interact with each other share photos, etc.
  • Additional downloadable PDF project support documents where applicable
  • Live on-demand support throughout the workshop via zoom or the private online
    classroom (whichever the student prefers) for feedback, guidance, questions, etc.
  • Live wrap-up/ Q&A/ show-and-tell session via zoom at the conclusion of the workshop day.
  • Continued on-demand access to all pre-recorded video demos for 7 days after the workshop.
  • Continued project support via email for up to 30 days after the workshop.


Lecture/Workshop Fees:

Lecture fee: $400 with up to 100 attendees, both live and via zoom. 

  • If there are more than 100 people expected then there will be an additional charge of $150 for zoom upgrade fees and an additional 200 attendee spots will be available.
  • Combined lectures with another guild are acceptable and encouraged however, both must sign the contract and designate one guild as the lead guild for all communication and technical purposes.

Workshop fees:  My workshops can be designed to meet your needs (½ day through 3 days scenarios).

  • Full day workshops – In-person or Live via Zoom $650 per day up to 20 students. 
    •   $25 for each additional student up to a max of 35 students via Zoom (Live workshops: space will dictate).
  • Half-day workshop – In-person or Live via Zoom $450 per ½ day up to 20 students. 
    •   $25 for each additional student up to a max of 35 students via Zoom (Live workshops: space will dictate).
  • Multiple-day workshop fees will be determined using the same rates outlined above.

Independent Study: I offer workshops or planned one-on-one time where attendees can work on their own projects with my mentoring during the scheduled time period.  This is perfect for those who have taken one of my courses and want to continue in their pigment adventures but want assistance and guidance.  I prefer to limit the size of groups to no more than four or five (4 or 5) individuals, or we can do this one-on-one. Sessions can be held either in my art studio in Emporia, Kansas, or we can plan virtual live sessions.  Contact me for details and to discuss.

Selected Feedback from Rhonda Denney Workshops:


“I was tentative about taking Rhonda’s class because I have no art background whatsoever.  But, I was amazed that I could produce a piece of artwork using Rhonda’s techniques that looked like I had been doing this for years.” – Jeanne B. (Colorado)


“Not knowing anything about this…I enjoyed seeing how different pigments and techniques came together to bring the project alive! With Rhonda’s help and suggestions, I did it!!” – Barb N. (Colorado)

I was always afraid of painting and didn’t believe I could ever do anything even on paper. I was very nervous before class and was afraid not be able to cope with the pattern. But as soon as the class started and after the Rhonda’s explanations, I was so happy to start and get the result I could only dream of. Yes, I did it.” – Inna B. (Ukraine)

“The classes were spent in unforgettable atmosphere. It was fun, interesting and pure freedom of textile painting class. Everybody had opportunity to become a painter and fill confidence using pigments. These classes made a great impact in the development of art quilting in Ukraine…” Mariia N. (Pres of Ukrainian Quilter’s Assoc.)


Current Lecture / Workshop Offerings:


Below are details of the lectures and workshops I currently offer.  I can always create something unique for your guild or group; all you have to do is ask!  I am always defining new workshops, so please refer to my website for the latest information on my offerings.  Please contact me directly for availability, pricing and scheduling.


  • Lecture & Trunk ShowPigment Patchwork – How Did I get here? 60 minutes (may take longer depending on the pieces I bring to show). This presentation for guilds and small groups is an introduction to Rhonda Denney, my background, and my adventures into quilting and how I developed my unique approach to adding pigments to my fiber art.
  • Coloring on Fabric workshop – (3- hour workshop. This workshop provides an introduction to the use of various pigments on fabric.  Attendees will use patterns provided by Rhonda, as well as a variety of different supplied pigments to explore how they can be used on fabric. All skill levels. NOTE: Not available using Zoom, but we can design something like this if you want.
  • Pigment Patchwork workshop – (can be designed as a 1, 2 or 3 full-day workshop). Discover and explore the artist in you! This workshop provides an introduction to my Pigment Patchwork technique as well as a project-based application of those techniques. Depending on the length of the workshop, attendees can use either one of my patterns or their own photograph for inspiration for the small project they create during this workshop. Emphasis is on the creation of the art piece “top” using various pigment techniques. Longer workshops may include stitching on their piece. All skill levels.
  • Fabric Collage/Confetti workshop – (can be designed as a 1, 2 or 3 full-day workshop). Find out ways to play with fabric, cutting and layering to create your design. This workshop provides an introduction to using various sizes and types of fabrics in your design. Attendees can use their own photograph for inspiration or use one of my designs for the small project they create during this workshop. Longer workshops may include stitching on their piece. All skill levels.
  • Stitching for Dimension workshop – (can be designed as a ½ day or full-day workshop). Gain experience with free-motion stitching on your sewing machine to add dimension to your design. This workshop provides an introduction to using various free-motion stitching techniques to create texture and dimension in your fiber art design. Attendees will use a printed panel of one of my designs to practice on during this workshop. All skill levels but it really helps if attendees have knowledge of their sewing machine and have done some free-motion work, even if they are a beginner.
  • Independent Study – (can be designed to meet your needs, either at my quilt studio or virtual on-line sessions). You will work on projects you bring to the class and I will work with you on what you want or need to learn. This is for people who want to improve their knowledge of Rhonda’s Pigment Patchwork techniques. I will contact each person to discuss what they will be working on so I can be prepared to help during class. Each student works on their own project. You get individual attention from me when you need it or want feedback.  These sessions are not “how to”, but I can demonstrate aspects based on your needs. Everyone can participate in demos, if interested, allowing even more learning opportunities. Contact me for details.


Other Related Compensation (for Live In-Person Lectures / Workshops):

Transportation.   Round-trip mileage (using standard IRS mileage rates) or airline flights from Kansas may be required based on the location where you want me to teach in person. I prefer either United Airlines (or their Airline Partners) or Air Alaska (or their Airline Partners). Flights   will be at best rates, plus baggage fees and parking fees.  I prefer direct flights to be sure that the checked bags of fiber art pieces arrive safely.  Actual quilts are better to be shown, so I will require checking at least one bag.  I can combine guild or group visits when traveling to save transportation costs.

If I fly to the venue, then I expect to have a Guild representative there to meet my flight, provide transportation to and from the venue and my lodgings, as well as take me to the airport to catch my flight home.


Lodging. I prefer to stay in a hotel when I travel to present or teach.  The hotel room should not have any doors that open to the exterior.  Please contact me to discuss.


Meals. I do have some strict dietary requirements and therefore prefer to provide my own food during my business trips.  I expect to receive compensation for meals, based on the current published government per diem rate, during the time I am travelling am presenting or teaching.


Thank you for considering me for your guild, group or shop presentations!


To access a PDF of this information, Click Here.




Rhonda has fabric panels, limited-edition prints and blank note-cards of many of her fiber art pieces!


  • An autographed portfolio book of my earlier fiber art pieces called Animals, Landscapes & People: Fiber Art by Rhonda Denney, USD$19.55. Contact me for details.
  • Fat-Quarter-size (fabric size is  18″ x 21″, with the prints as large as they can be to fill the FQ, so sizes vary) full-color fabric printed panels.  To access a PDF of the current FQ panels that I have available for sale, click this link.
    Note:  Martelli Notions, Pensacola, FL  (, +1-850-433-1414) also have my “Eagle, US Flag & Cap Rock” and “Praise” panels for sale.  When you contact them, as about my “Stitching for Dimension” workshop video recording that you can access with purchase.
  • Numbered limited-edition giclee prints of my fiber art on fine archival paper, ready to be matted and framed by you. The size of the print itself is determined by the size of the piece and the paper it is printed on. Contact me for details.
    • –  Small – printed on 4 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ size archival paper
    • –  Medium- printed on 9 1/2″ x 13″ size archival paper
    • –  Large- printed on 13″ x 19″ size archival paper
  • Blank note-cards of my fiber art, either individual or sets.  Contact me for details.
  • Limited-edition prints on porcelain tile of my Cheetah, Eagle or Zebra, 12″x12″ or 6″x6″. Contact me for details.
  • Eco-bags with prints of my fiber art, limited prints available.  Contact me for details.


Other Representation:
Please call or look on-line for hours of business.  COVID19 and the related Delta Variant still may impact operating hours.

  • Prairie PastTimes Arts & Crafts, 220 1\\\\2 Broadway St, Cottonwood Falls, KS 66845. Phone: (620) 273-6003
  • Emporia Arts Center (EAC) Gift Shop, 815 Commercial St, Emporia, KS 66801. Phone: (620) 343-6473
  • Arterburn Fine Art & Graphics – 409 Main St, Westcliffe, CO 81252. Phone: (719) 783-2099



Artist Statement

I love the challenge of capturing the “spirit” of the subjects I choose to depict in my art. Whether it is a person or an animal, each has something to communicate and it usually involves a look, an expression or even a position.

I started to devote more time to my art and the use of fibers and stitches over the past 10 years. Every piece of art that I create gives me the opportunity to learn more about the diversity, complexity and addictiveness of using fabric, pigments and stitches to create a statement.

Oftentimes, when people see my art pieces, they are amazed that they are not paintings. From my perspective, they are. However, instead of just pigment, I utilize a multitude of different fabrics and the dimensionality of quilting to add to and enhance my art. My art stimulates a desire for a closer look and a tactile confirmation that the art includes stitching.

I am on a continuous journey to explore the possibilities of using fiber art to focus attention on the concept or idea I have chosen to represent.


Historical (old) Blog Entries

Houston Quilt Show – Nov 2018!

I will be attending the Houston Quilt Show in November.  I will have 4 pieces at the show.  Two pieces, "Wolf - the Eyes Have It" and "Henry the Goat" are in the show itself.  My International Miniature Quilt Exchange (IMQE) piece, "Eagle, Flag & CapRock" will be...

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Manitou Springs Art Show

I am proud to announce that my "Chameleon - the Eyes Have it" fiber art piece was accepted into the Commonwheel Artists Co-op and Textiles West hosted show FIBER=Art. The show runs from Oct 19 through Nov 11, 2018.  The Commonwheel Artist Co-op is located at 102 Canon...

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Allenspark Workshop

Group photo from my 3-day Fabric Collage workshop at the Twisted Scissors Quilt Retreat in Allenspark, Colorado, October 9-11, 2018.  We ended up getting over 10" of snow and had fun digging our cars out!  Thanks ladies!  It was fun!

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