Rhonda Denney - Bachus' Elixir

Bachus' Elixir (YTT - Grapes)


Set of 3 individual 5” x 7” art quilts.  (Micro Cosmos – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, competition sponsored by Ricky Tims Art Quilt Studio, LaVeta, CO)

This set of Postcard (5×7) quilts was created as part of a quilt challenge issued by Ricky Tims called Micro Cosmos: Little Worlds. 

The works should ideally complement the next.  This triptych, called “Bachus’ Delight”, represents the cycle of grapes.

Yesterday is blossoming, with the flowers on the grapevine offering the potential growth of grapes.  Today is a lovely, heavy cluster of grapes, ripening to perfection.

Tomorrow represents the end of the cycle where the grapes are crushed to release their sweet nectar juice that is then fermented to create a mixture to delight the taste buds of Bachus, the god of wine.

Techniques used were applique, 3 dimensional sculpture (felted cat hair covered by sheers), fabric painting, dimensional thread sculpture, embellishment and machine quilting.