Rhonda Denney - Between the Lines

Between The Lines (Zebra) 25” x 26” Art Quilt (opposite version of “The Eyes Have It” Art Quilt) 2005

Price: $1,580 ($3,000 for both art quilts)

This quilt was a surprising additional quilt for a project created during a color class.  The assignment was to create something that represented “Simultaneous Contrast”; direct compliments placed next to each other to build intensity.  I chose a close-up of a zebra, using black and white.  

The design was cut from a single piece of black fabric and mounted on a white background.  During the cutting stage of that project, I carefully cut and saved the pieces.  My friends thought I was crazy, but I took those pieces and carefully arranged them on another piece of white fabric to create this “complementary” design. It is not a mirror image, but the opposite of the original design.

Construction: Raw-edge applique using commercial cotton fabrics; cotton batting: cotton threads.