Czechoslovakia Video - Day 5 - Sept 9, 2022

Today the group went to the central part of the republic.  I did not.  Instead, I got to visit the local medical hospital.  I was seeing flashes and floaters in my left eye during our dinner on Thursday.  I was concerned about a potential of a detached retina and worried about flying out on Sunday. So, the hotel graciously arranged for a cab to take me to the local Motol Hospital. This was quite the experience! English is not a common language and there was very little signage in English at the hospital.

Luckily, I found Foreign Dept at the hospital. I was checked in, made a deposit for expenses and directed to the Eye Emergency section.  The process took most of the morning, as expected.  The Ophthalmologist cleared me, okaying me for the flight home and the following one next week.  He did recommend that I follow up with an Ophthalmologist when I get back home.  Ray has already arranged for an appointment next week when I am back home (Thanks again Ray!)

So, all is well! No pictures from today… didn’t even think about taking any! More later!


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