Rhonda Denney - Eagle - US Flag - CR

Eagle, US Flag & Cap Rock 18” x 18” art quilt (2017 IMQE Team 428 - Rhonda and Natalya)


This art quilt was created as part of the Quilt Show’s International Miniature Quilt Exchange (IMQE) program. The purpose of the International Miniature Quilt Exchange is to promote quilting across borders and cultures.  We were paired up with an international quilter. The exchange allowed team members to communicate and connect with each other. 

My international team member was Natalya Lashkofrom Ukraine. We got to know each other through messaging  (thank goodness for language translation engines since Natalya spoke very little English and I do not speak Russian!). We decided on our theme and quilt size. Our team’s goal was to create a piece measuring 18” x 18” depicting something (like an animal) symbolizing our country, along with other things representing where we live, but we could not share anything else about our piece; it was a secret until the judging was complete.  I chose a bald eagle representing the USA, along with our American flag.  I also included a geographical feature, Cap Rock, representing where I live in Colorado. I used my Pigment Patchwork technique, combining fabric, pigments and stitching to create my art quilt. Our team was one of several lucky ones chosen to be part of a traveling exhibit.  I loved getting to know Natalya and sharing a piece of fiber art in exchange with one of hers.  I now have a friend in the Ukraine with common interests as mine!

Construction: cotton fabrics; polyester batting; pigments; cotton/polyester threads.