Rhonda Denney - Happy Cat Graffiti

Happy Cat - Graffiti- 2022 Cherrywood Fabric Challenge 20” x 20” Fiber Art 2022

The 2022 Cherrywood Fabric Challenge: Use only the provided kit fabric of EIGHT COLORS (yellow, orange, red, blue, green, med gray, dark gray & black) to create a 20-inch square quilted artwork. No other colors of fabric may be added. The only way to add more colors is with thread, some stringy bits you could purchase from them, paint, pencil, ink, beads, etc.

Cherrywood was very specific about the kind of Graffiti they would accept. The list of things they would not accept was also very clear. They wanted street art, a design that shared the appreciation of the skill needed to create art with spray paint cans. Something with a fun and light-hearted expression.

I was inspired by a photograph of one of our cats, Tyger. I was influenced by all of our cats, past and present. The theme of a happy cat emerged. I created a raw-edge applique design for the cat. I researched graffiti fonts and created raw-edge applique pieces for the lettering. I wanted the overall design to look like it was painted on a wall like graffiti. The stitching added to the dimension and I augmented it with a bit of pigment to really help the colors pop.