Rhonda Denney - Henry the Goat

Henry the Goat (23” x 27” Art Quilt. 2018).


This is a portrait of one of my pet goats, Henry.  He is such a character and so full of joy! 

I wanted to capture his quirky personality.  When the responsibilities and challenges of life start getting me down, all I need to do is take Henry on a “browse-walkabout” to ground me again and help me reconnect with my inner self. 

Henry is such a wonderful buddy.  We rescued him as a kid and he has his own challenges (a misaligned jaw & deformed hip). It does not hold him back! What an inspiration to go and enjoy life.

The technique I used is called fabric collage, using lots of small pieces to create the design. I wanted to use more whimsical colors and his charm started emerging.

Construction: Various types of fabric including cotton and polyesters, tulle & organza. Collage binding. Monofilament & cotton/poly threads, batting, machine quilting.