Rhonda Denney - Hope After Maelstrom

Hope After Maelstrom - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Postcard Triptych (Wildfire) 2007.


3 individual 5” x 7” art quilts.  (Micro Cosmos – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, competition sponsored by Ricky Tims Art Quilt Studio, LaVeta, CO. This triptych won “Most Innovative Design” award and “Peoples Choice” award.)

This set of Postcard (5×7) quilts was created as part of a quilt challenge issued by Ricky Tims called Micro Cosmos: Little Worlds.  The theme was “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.  The works should ideally complement the next.  This triptych, called “Hope After Maelstrom ”, represents an optimistic view of woodland fires.  Yesterday illustrates the tumult and violence of a raging forest fire, trees turning into tinder by whipping flames of fire.  Today shows new growth of Fireweed, usually the first new vegetation in a burn area, its beautiful purple flowers holding the promise of new growth.  Tomorrow is represented by the sprouting of new growth pine seedlings emerging from the charred trunk of a pine tree.  In fact, many pine cones require the heat of a raging forest fire to pop them open to grow. Construction: Cotton fabric, velvet, flannel, sheers, cotton and monopoly thread. Techniques used were raw-edge applique, fabric painting, dimensional thread sculpture, and machine quilting.