Rhonda Denney - Prince

Prince 20” x 20” Fiber Art 2018.

Price: $1,200

This fiber piece was created in response to a Cherrywood Fabric Challenge.  We were to create a 20” x 20” masterpiece with a goal of using a limited color palette, pushing yourself to think outside the box and design an original quilt, taking inspiration from Prince’s music, movies and lifestyle. The entire quilt top and binding had to be made from Cherrywood fabric.  Backing is your choice of fabric. The finished quilt should “read” purple. We were provided with a 4-color fat-quarter set of their hand-dyed fabrics, 3 shades of purple and black. 

I chose a photograph of Prince as my inspiration and highlighted his iconic guitar.  The fabric, pigments and stitching were combined to develop detail, depth and dimension using my Pigment Patchwork technique.

Construction: cotton fabrics; polyester batting; pigments; cotton/polyester threads.