Rhonda Denney - So Kids Can Be Kids

So Kids Can Be Kids (Quilted in Honor Giving Quilt) 25” x 36” art quilt 2014, Donated 2014 to Operation Homefront

Donated 2014 to Operation Homefront

(2014 Quilted In Honor Giving Quilt Challenge, with 36 gift pockets for gift cards/money.  Donated to a needy military family after pockets were filled at the event.).

Giving Quilt Challenge.  Quilted In Honor (QIH), led by Island Batik, is a fundraising initiative for “Operation Homefront”, one of the top military fundraising organizations, and is intended to harness the collective power of the quilting industry to give back to the ones that need it most.

What is a giving quilt? It’s a quilt with pockets, made for gift cards or cash, sewn into the blocks or sashing. All of the quilts collected for this challenge will be donated to Operation Homefront, who will then hang them in public areas (like banks and community centers), inviting members of the community to stuff them with gift cards and cash. When all of the pockets are full, the quilts and everything in them will be given to local military families in need.

I wanted to illustrate the positive impact military personnel have on the children living in war-torn countries.  Thanks to the soldiers on the ground securing areas in towns, children can relax enough to play as children do.
I am a retired veteran of the US Army and am proud and honored that I could serve our great country.  The sacrifices that our soldiers, and their families, make during their service commitment are immense. I wanted to design, create and donate this quilt to Operation Homefront to honor that dedication and to help raise money for soldiers and their families in times of great need.
Construction: Raw-edge appliqué & Piecing using Island Batik Quilted in Honor fabric, polyester batting, cotton and monofilament threads, fabric paint and ink, colored pencils.