Rhonda Denney - Spindle, Shuttle and Needle

Spindle, Shuttle and Needle – Grimmly Inspired 23” x 26” art quilt 2012.

Price: $400

(2013 Art Challenge – 200th Anniversary of Grimm Brothers fairy tales, Edsel & Eleanor Ford House, Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan.  Won “Special Story Award”.)

The Edsel & Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan celebrated the 200th anniversary of the first publication by the Brothers Grimm (in 1812) by having a Call For Entries.

From the over 200 stories published by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, they chose nine of their lesser-known stories.  Artists were to draw their inspiration for their entry from one of those stories. Inspired by the Grimm Brothers tale “Spindle, Shuttle and Needle”. 

A set of three illustrations on cloth, inspired by the Grimms Brothers tale “Spindle, Shuttle, Needle”, #188.  The first portion of the art quilt illustrates the spindle, loaded with golden thread flying out of the young girl’s hand.  The second portion illustrates the shuttle weaving the carpet on the threshold of her house.  The third portion illustrates the needle sewing the curtains, tablecloth and cushions. Gold “thread” circles around all three, with wooden replicas of a spindle, shuttle and needle in the center. 

The oval sections are “whole-cloth” art quilts.

Construction: Three individual whole-cloth sections mounted on backing, with gold cording surrounding everything.  Hand-carved spindle, shuttle & needle. Special hanging supports with sleeves on the back.