Rhonda Denney - Spirit

Spirit 12” x 12” art quilt 2013 (quilt guild challenge).

Price: $350

The Westcliffe Contemporary Quilters and Fiber Artists (WCQFA) guild, Westcliffe, Colorado, issued a challenge to its members:  To create a 12” x 12” art quilt illustrating our own interpretation of a topic utilizing many aspects of quilting, edging and surface design.  The resulting quilts were shown at several galleries and quilt shows.

Topic Word: Spirit

Actually, I chose the fabric for this piece before I ever came up with what would go on top.  I love the colors and movement in this fabric; the spirit of the fabric talked to me!  I chose the quote to augment the piece and decorated the word “Spirit” so that it would stand out.  

Construction:  dyed fabric, sheers, dimensional paint, fabric paint/ink, cotton and polyester thread.