Rhonda Denney - The 8 week GPC Challenge

The 8 week "Get Pigment Confident" (GPC) Challenge

My next 8-wk GPC Challenge group starts on Saturday, June 11, 2022

I am so excited about the flexibility and power of using 3 different components to offer this unique training to everyone interested in learning to color on fabric using pigments.

I offer these 8-wk Challenges throughout the year, so if this start date does not work with your schedule, contact me to find out when the next challenge will be.

This training offers individual training using my web-based App, Pigment-Patchwork. With it, participants access the training on their own schedule, any time.

There is also an Accountability Group where participants can, on their own schedule, post pictures of their progress, ask questions, participate in discussions and communicate with others in their Challenge group.

Then, during the 8-wk Challenge, we have weekly face-to-face sessions where we talk, share wins and discuss challenges.  This is the only component that requires a specific schedule.

I am developing other programs where participants can continue their Pigment Patchwork journey, learning more about using other pigments on fabric, participating in projects using pigments, and being able to ask project-specific questions of me. I will also be available for one-on-one coaching.

If you are interested in participating in one of my scheduled 8-wk “Get Pigment Confident” Challenges, start the process by booking a call. If I feel you are a good match for the program, you will then be able to book a call with me to talk more about your specific goals.  I look forward to talking with you!

Customer Reviews

“This pigment challenge is not just adult coloring. You get small group support and are able to discuss with the teacher about your own personal experiences and questions. It has lessons that are pre-recorded followed up with live meetings for feedback and questions. What better than to learn and share along with a few other like-minded people. The groups are kept small to allow for no one to be left out or fall through the cracks. Put in an hour or put in 5 - the schedule is yours. I recommend this program for any fabric artists to expand their horizons and join a community of people like you!”
Aimee Z. (New Hampshire)
2020 Founding Group Member
“I was thrilled to be a part of the initial group ... Rhonda is a true Professional. She sent us guidelines, patterns and many many amazing videos to lead us ... She encouraged an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendliness. We were able to work on our own, and to share our progress ... with other members ... Being part of a group inspired me. ... Very Empowering. I look forward to participating in her challenges, workshops and being a part of the group in the Pigment Patchwork community.”
Robin H. (Florida)
2020 Founding Group Member
“I’m obsessed. I started the course without knowing what “pigments” were and little drawing experience. Little did I know the inspiration and satisfaction I would get from Rhonda and her technique! I found I might actually have a talent for drawing, which gave me so much joy. Now the possibilities are endless. Thank you Rhonda! You were a great teacher!”
Terry F. (Colorado)
2020 Founding Group Member
“... With very little confidence, I decided to sign up for Rhonda’s ... Pigment Patchwork Challenge. Rhonda is an excellent teacher. She guides you with easy-to-follow instructions and encourages you to just get in there and do it. Her ... Challenge was just what I needed ….yes, I can do this. ... a great course for anyone who wants to try something new.”
Deane H. (Kansas)
2020 Founding Group Member