Rhonda Denney - Western Heritage

Western Heritage - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Postcard Triptych (Longhorn Cow) 2006

Price: $300

Set of 3 individual 5” x 7” art quilts.  (Micro Cosmos – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, competition sponsored by Ricky Tims Art Quilt Studio, LaVeta, CO)

This set of Postcard (5×7) quilts was created as part of a quilt challenge issued by Ricky Tims called Micro Cosmos: Little Worlds.  

The theme was “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.  The works should ideally complement the next.  This triptych, called “Western Heritage ”, represents Longhorn cattle.  Yesterday is new birth: a longhorn calf, relaxing in green grass.  Today is a longhorn cow in her prime.  Tomorrow represents the end of the cycle of life where longhorn remains provide nourishment to animals and plants (the Indian Paintbrush growing near the longhorn skull). Techniques used were applique, fabric painting, dimensional thread sculpture, and machine quilting.