Rhonda Denney - Zebra - Study in Sepia

Zebra Study in Sepia 40” x 48” art quilt 2011.

Price: $2,600

Quilting provides a creative medium, allowing me to experiment with techniques to capture the essence of life around me.  The zebra drawing on textured silk was originally created for a dear friend to use in creating a jacket for herself.  Several months later she returned the fabric, saying it should become a quilt.  

A January 2011 safari trip to Kenya reemphasized my appreciation of the beautiful zebra, inspiring me to utilize the drawing as the centerpiece to this quilt. For the central zebra piece I used a technique called fabric coloring.  The chalk is stabilized on silk using a soy-milk mixture, making the color permanent.  The texture pattern of the silk adds to the effect. I chose appropriate cotton fabrics to create the border.