Another Addition to the Family? Yes! A 3-legged tail-wagging one!

In my previous update I talked about adopting two new rescued cats. They are starting to fit in well. We still have the occasional tussle, but it could be much worse!

The Cat Ladies, the sister team that runs Forever Home Rescue, have visitation rights for the new cats. They were here last week and when Ray mentioned he sort of missed having a dog, they told us a story.

They rescued a young brown Lab who is a special case. She was a stray taken to the local Vet Hospital with gunshot wounds. She was lucky she was not killed. Besides bullet wounds grazing her head and back, a bullet broke both bones in her right lower back leg.It had to be amputated at the knee.

She was healed well enough to find a forever home. They planned to take her to a rescue in Iowa for placement, but the sisters wondered if we wanted to meet her.

Of course! She stole our hearts and that led to us to bring her home. We named her “Gracie”.

There were mixed reviews from the cats as they were introduced to Gracie. L: Pippen was alright with her, LM: Ginger was not so sure and is still keeping distance, but warming up to Gracie. RM: Sammy is not very happy with this new addition, but we expect they will become good friends, and R: Tyger is okay with her unless Gracie gets too excited.

Enter an estimated 4-year old female brown Labrador with a wonderful personality, very gentle and loving. She is learning to compensate with having only three legs. That does not hold her back at all! After just a few accidents in the house, she now knows to let us know when she needs to go out. The cold rainy weather has not helped, but that will hopefully change now that spring is here.

Gracie getting to know the horses and goats from the safety of the fenced back yard.

At first we took Gracie out with us when we fed the horses. We quickly realized that she could get under the gate and out into the corral. She barked at the horses and goats. We had her on a leash and tied her for safety.

We were mostly worried that her excitement would spook the horses and someone could get hurt. Besides, the corral has become a mucky, muddy mess and we did not want to have to clean her up!

So, we let her out into the fenced back yard so she can visit and bark and everyone can get to know each other. Once the novelty wears off, we believe she will be fine. However, because of her only having 3 legs, we will probably not let her into the corral any time soon without close supervision.

L: It is hard to get a picture of Gracie without a blur for her wagging tail! Here you can see her stump, healed well. Once her hair grows out it will look much better. M: Ray and Gracie. R: Gracie with Ray out in the back yard.

We are so glad that Gracie came to join our household. She is truly an inspiration!  We are looking forward to more adventures with her!

Next time I will talk about some work that my workshop attendees have created.  Until then!
Take care!

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