Rhonda Denney - More amazing fiber art pieces done with Pigment Patchwork!

More amazing fiber art pieces done with Pigment Patchwork!

I am sending this newsletter out a little early because I am about to start a new 8-wk Get Pigment Confident (GPC) Challenge and want to give everyone a chance to attend.  I would love to have you! 

Before I show you some more amazing finished projects from my workshop attendees, I want to tell you about my GPC Challenge. But first, I want to ask you some questions…

  • Have you thought about learning new techniques using pigment, but don’t know where to begin, or how to find the information, or are intimidated by all the options that are out there?
  • Is it actually possible to be successful in learning to use pigments if you don’t consider yourself an “artist” or if you have felt  daunted by works that others have done ?! 
  • Have you tried studying art quilts created by others, reading articles, looking at demos on YouTube, or signing up for classes… And nothing has quite worked for you, right?
  • How do you find the right approach to learn about and practice using pigments in your art quilts if you’re apprehensive and lack confidence in yourself and your abilities to enhance your own creative voice?
  • How do you justify spending time and money on solutions like attending classes, reading articles or looking at short video demos if you can’t seem to motivate yourself afterwards to continue learning on your own?
  • Why is it so nerve-racking to try something new?  What if you are not successful and feel even worse about your own potential?
  • Is the constant battle to master new art quilt techniques really worth it?
  • Can you really get more confident using pigments in your art quilting  without feeling overwhelmed about where to start or if you feel like you cannot do it?
  • When and how should you practice developing your skills and what should you avoid?
  • Should you even think that you could actually successfully use pigments in your art quilts?
  • Are you comparing yourself with others and feeling that you could never actually learn to use pigments?
  • How do you know you’re doing the right exercises to really learn how to use pigments?
  • What about other aspects of quilting that might affect your success in using  pigments in your design?

Can you identify with any of the questions above?  If so, I think I can help you.  My goal is to help people who want to learn more about how to use pigments on fabric. My workshops help me do that.  But I have another powerful possibility I want to talk with you about.

Rhonda Denney - More amazing fiber art pieces done with Pigment Patchwork!

As much as I love to teach in-person workshops, the format of my 8-week long Get Pigment Confident (GPC) Challenge gives me the opportunity to go into greater detail with my students. The Challenge covers info on pigments and techniques you can use to gain confidence in using pigments to color on fabric.

So, instead of taking you fishing, I am actually teaching you how to fish. You will develop skills that you can add to your creativity toolbox so there are endless possibilities!

The 8-wk format is flexible to fit a busy lifestyle. It consists of on-line material accessed through a web-based app. There are weekly Zoom team session meetings. There is also an on-line accountability group ask questions, post comments and feedback and post progress photos.

These three components work together very successfully to ensure the opportunity to learn and do. It even allows attendees from all over the globe!

Here is what Wendy said about the Challenge:


I wanted to explore using pigments, especially Inktense pencils, on my quilts. I had thought of using pigments on my quilts before, but was hesitant because I was afraid to “ruin” a finished quilt. Now I understand that I can start with pigment or use them during the process of making a quilt. Learning how to test the pigments on fabric in several ways makes me confident I can do this without ruining my work. Rhonda explains everything so thoroughly, I would definitely recommend the GPC class!” 

– Wendy B. Colorado (2021 GPC Challenge)

My latest 8-wk GPC Challenge begins this week. There is still time to join us! Book a call with me and we can figure out if this is a fit for you. If it is not, then I would be happy to make some other recommendations for you.

I will be offering my Challenge periodically, so if the timing of this one does not work for you, we can talk about when a better time might be. Invest some quality time for yourself and come join us!

Now enjoy some pictures of projects my workshop attendees have created after being introduced to my Pigment Patchwork techniques.  Can you imagine the possibilities if you took my 8-wk GPC Challenge?

These finished projects come from attendees of my in-person multiple-day Pigment Patchwork workshops. This workshop allows people to use an inspirational photo to create their own design.  They use fabric and pigments.

Rhonda Denney - More amazing fiber art pieces done with Pigment Patchwork!

The first project is called “Rusted Truck” by Paula S in Colorado. She started this project during the workshop and completed it afterwards. Paula truly captured the rusting body of the old pick-up didn’t she!

Rhonda Denney - More amazing fiber art pieces done with Pigment Patchwork!

Sandy C took a multi-day Pigment Patchwork in-person workshop. Her creation is of a water lily, inspired by a photograph she took. She finished the piece after the workshop was over. I love the pink accent border!

Rhonda Denney - More amazing fiber art pieces done with Pigment Patchwork!

Margaret N also took one of my in-person multiple-day Pigment Patchwork workshops. She had a beautiful photograph of a sunflower that she used as her inspiration. She completed her project after the workshop as well.  Margaret made the piece her own by using pigments on the fabric as well as stitching to create dimension and detail.

I would love to be a part of your creative journey! Want more confidence in your skills? Want to learn new techniques to enrich your creative voice? Want to overcome self-doubt or fear with using pigments to color on fabric? I can help. Click on the button below and let’s talk about where you want to go in terms of expressing yourself in your art quilts.

Until next time.
Take care

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