My article "Using a Different Perspective" has been published!

I am excited to announce that my article “Using a Different Perspective” has been published!  It is in Stampington’s Art Quilting Studio magazine, Summer 2022 edition.

I am honored to be part of several other amazing art quilters who have their work in this edition.

My 4-page article is listed here in the magazine’s Table of Contents (TOC).  

It starts on page 48.

I submitted my work to Stampington, along with a synopsis of an article, for consideration.  It was accepted!

I wrote my article and sent it to them. This is the final version of my article, along with the photographs.

This is page 48 & 49.

And here are my other 2 pages of my article, pg 50 & 51.

I also have other tips in the magazine.  I will let you find them yourself!

You can purchase this magazine at most newsstands or you can go to

Look for the Summer 2022 magazine.

By the way!  I also have an article in their Autum 2021 edition called “Pigment Patchwork”.  Enjoy!

My next 8-wk GPC Challenge starts on 11 June 2022.  I offer this Challenge on a periodic basis. If the date for this one does not work, then perhaps my later one.

You can see the schedule of my upcoming 8-wk GPC Challenges by clicking on the Learn More button on my Home page under Workshops. 

You can learn more about the Challenge. Book a call with me and we can figure out if this Challenge is a fit for you.

If it is not, then I would be happy to make some other recommendations for you. I would love to help you on your own artistic journey

I am excited with all the updates to my website, My updated Blog page will detail more of what is in my newsletters. And that way you don’t have to save my newsletter if you want to review earlier content. Please be patient if the website is not perfect yet. It is a work in progress!  I would love your feedback on what you see there.

I will be creating my newsletter every other week. In it I will summarize the latest blogs and provide you with links to each specific one. Blog entries will be created on a regular basis, but more often if I have news. So, check back to see what is happening!  I would love to hear your feedback. Every blog has a feedback feature and I will respond to you.

I have an Instagram account. I create Instagram postings three times a week. Please follow me at @rhondadenneypigmentpatchwork so you will see each of my postings. You can DM me to chat about them.

I also have a business Facebook Page, Rhonda Denney – Pigment Patchwork.  You can search for @rhondadenney.coloringonfabric to find it. You can message me there as well.

I would love to be a part of your creative journey! Want more confidence in your skills? Want to learn new techniques to enrich your creative voice? Want to overcome self-doubt or fear with using pigments to color on fabric? I can help. Click on the button below and let’s talk about where you want to go in terms of expressing yourself in your art quilts.

Until next time.
Take care…

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